TurboVUi Pocket Update

CTI has two SmartPhone platforms: TurboVUi Pocket ("Pocket") and TurboVUi PTT ("PTT"). Both are in the Apple and Google app stores. Although PTT works with the TurboVUi Gateways, it does not offer any radio control features, just push-to-talk and listen.

CTI recently implemented a few new desirable features into the PTT app. The two features are a) improved/reduced battery consumption, and b) ability to run continuously in the background.

NEW Development Plan

"TurboVUi PTT" will be renamed to "RadioPro PTT" beginning with the next release of v2.0

RadioPro PTT v2.0 will be released approximately mid-October

RadioPro PTT v2.0 will include the following new features:
- Channel Steering (ability to change channels on the radio)
- Text Messaging
- Incoming Call Log and Replay

In summary -- looks like a few nice features are forthcoming and will make TurboVUi systems even more attractive.

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